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  • Parties, CD Releases, Etc.
  • Lectures or Presentations
  • Charity Events
  • Fixed-Price Dinner Reservations
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Pick your price model

Tell us how much you must make per ticket, or how much you want your customers to pay. We can include or exclude our service fee in any transparent way you would like. It's all up to you.

Describe your events

Use our site to configure the events you want to presell tickets for. This is information like location, date, and time. You can edit this information quickly and easily at any time before sales start. After sales have been made, certain edits will be restricted, but we have support staff to guide you through any situations that may occur.

Open your doors to the world

Your customers can purchase tickets through our website easily and securely. You can track sales through our website and access the will-call list yourself at any time. If you need us to integrate with your existing door admission system, we will do so happily.

Get paid

For brand new special event customers, direct deposit or mailed check after the event occurs is the preferred method. As we get to know you, more options open up. However, nothing is written in stone. Call us to talk about your specific needs. We do want your business.



We offer a default user experience, but we can employ customizations provided by your web designer to tailor your customer's experience to your specific visual needs.


Every event is different. Our engineering department can provide any functional customization you require. Contact us to dicuss your needs and get started.


We have support staff on hand to help you and your customers. We are a hands on company. Prompt, professional support is a major component of our business.