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Panel Discussions
Panel Discussion: Extreme Filmmaking
Filmmakers from the films of this festival will discuss the difficulties and joys of filming in extreme elements, such as on the water or the sides of mountains.
Panel Discussion: Naturally Inspired
Immersive storytelling has proven to have incredible impact for causes. In this panel, virtual reality filmmakers will talk about how they inspire audiences to fall in love with nature — which in turn translates into real-world actions to protect our planet.
Panel Discussion: Tech to the Rescue
Filmmakers and virtual reality platforms use technology to document the most pressing environmental issues of the modern age. How are experts in tech helping VR filmmakers document elephant rescues, record coral restoration efforts and prevent poaching? Join a discussion with with world renowned filmmakers and global brands on the exciting ways tech is driving impact.
Panel Discussion: Telling the Story of a Warming Planet
Eugenia Harvey from PBS’s Planet and Peril initiative joins Patricia Finneran of Doc Society and Judith Helfand (director of Cooked) to discuss the daunting task of telling the world’s most challenging — and important — story.