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Black Cop
It’s not easy being a black cop. Your community doesn’t trust you, your colleagues are wary of you, and everyone assumes you hate NWA. And when the world is on edge waiting for a grand jury verdict on a high profile police case involving unarmed youth, you can bet all eyes are on you.
Black Fatherhood: Trials & Tribulations, Testimony & Triumph
Mass media has inundated the general public with the images of irresponsible, uninvolved, dead beat Black fathers. However, this is not always the case. The men and families in this documentary portray the other side of the coin; engaged, involved, invested Black fathers.
Black Reparations Film Project: Descendants of Slavery and Institutional Racism
A character driven film that sheds light on slavery and its descendants while addressing the ignorance on one generation about reparations.
Set in modern day Montréal "C'est Moi" explores the collision of the past as it meets the present in the forgotten story of Marie-Josèphe Angélique, a figure of Black Canadian History and her efforts to fight against slavery in 18th Century New France. How much of our past is erased in the restoration of history?
Closing Night- Awards Announcement & Screenings
Join us in celebrating the craft of filmmaking as we announce the winners of the 2018 DBFF Awards program. Announcements followed by the screening of the closing films.
Cloudy Daze
Having faced bullying and ridicule most of her life for looking slightly different than those around her, Desi finally meets someone that can look past her larger than life hair and see the fun loving person she truly is. This chance meeting at the disc golf course may seem like love at first site, but it will test the lifelong friendship of two best friends. This project is filmed entirely on iPhone 6s.