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“Dark Worlds” offers up stories about a world set after the end of civilization where a woman must rescue her lover, one in which two young brothers question the isolation they have been placed into by their parents following the end of a war, another where a young boy must investigate a series of “video nasties” that may have consumed his father, a woman facing the fear that baby from an unwanted pregnancy may literally devour her life, and three girlfriends that have to transport a celebrity's body from scandalous tryst hotel room to her home without anyone knowing she's dead.
Shorts Block: Dark Worlds
79 min.
Hard Broads
DIR Mindy Bledsoe
United States, 10 min., Color, English

DIR Diana Rodriguez
United States, 15 min., Color, English

DIR Jackie Perez
United States, 12 min., Color, English

DIR Prano Bailey-Bond
United Kingdom, 15 min., Color, English

The Lotus Gun
DIR Amanda Milius
United States, 25 min., Color, English