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These Beats Ain't Free ( Adult Content and Language)
USA, 2017, 27 min., Color, English
These Beats Ain’t Free is the scripted series from the mind of Award winning music producer/author J.Rhodes, & co - creator Kory Williams. It is the first show of its kind to authentically go inside the world of a beat maker. Think “Entourage” or “Ballers” but centered around the life of a music producer. Add in elements of Slap Stick comedy, funny characters & a love interest and TBAF is sure to entertain the masses!
Justin Rhodes - J.Rhodes, Kory Williams, Jeremie Rivers, Jaquai Wade, Sophia Knolton, Tori Cage, Michael Daniels, Mack McFarland, Kris Evans, John Cross

Justin Rhodes - J.Rhodes
J.Rhodes is an Award Winning Music Producer, Author, Artist, Writer & Content Creator from Dallas Texas. He has produced for the likes of The Game, Lecrae, Slim Thug, Talib Kweli, Rick Ross, Waka Flocka, Royce Da 5’9, & Rhymefest just to name a few. Producing is just the roots of his talent tree as he also serves as Creator, Video Editor, Lead Actor & Lead Writer of TBAF the series. In a little over a year the show has gained a cult following and attention from major networks. Stay tuned for much more from J.Rhodes and the TBAF movement.
Kory Williams
Kory Williams is the lead cameraman, editor & co creator of the TBAF series. He also doubles in a supporting actor role on the show. He and Rhodes came up with These Beats Ain’t Free after agreeing that the standard music “documentary” had already been done and something FRESH needed to be created. Look out for much more from this keen eyed creative genius.
Jeremie Rivers
Anthony Sawyer
Jaquai Wade
Sophia Knolton
Mae Mae
Tori Cage
Michael Daniels
Mack McFarland
Kris Evans
John Cross