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Panels & Workshops
Drone Law and Regulation Workshop
USA, 2018, 45 min., Color, English
LIMITED SEATING MUST RSVP @ A briefing about the laws and regulations that apply to using drones in filmmaking. Ron will help filmmakers understand the public concerns about safety, privacy, and pilot proficiency, and explain some of the relevant laws that need to be observed to avoid legal problems during aerial shoots. Additionally, he will provide insight into which drones are best suited for productions, and offer guidelines that will help producers decide whether they want to become FAA-approved drone pilots, or just hire FAA-approved pilots as part of their production crew.
Ron DiIulio

Ron DiIulio
Ron DiIulio As the Director of the University of North Texas Astronomy Laboratory Program and planetarium, Ron is responsible for the operation of one of the largest astronomy laboratory programs in the United States, including directing the UNT Sky Theater planetarium. Ron was one of the first persons in the U.S. to incorporate video and animations into his planetarium programs. Ron’s productions often include aerial sequences that add to the “immersive” nature of his productions. He began piloting remote controlled helicopters for films used by ABC Sports, and eventually formed his remote aerial production company, Astral Projections, which incorporates FAA-licensed quadcopter drones for 4K video and film projects. His credits include projects for: Lockheed Aircraft, Ford, Kia, Dallas Mavericks, City of Fort Worth, McDonald’s, PBS, The University of North Texas, and American Underwater Services.