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Liquid Soul
12 min.
Heartbroken and high from huffing gasoline, a psychotic fuel tanker driver plots revenge on the girl that broke his heart, her whole family, and their dog.
Allen Phillips, Trampas Smith

Director Bio
Allen Phillips (Co-Director) is from De Kalb, TX, a small farming community in North East Texas. His family has owned a sawmill there for over 60 years which is now the oldest family owned sawmill in the state of Texas. Allen started making films at an early age with his friend Trampas Smith using Trampas' mom's Betamax camera. Allen studied history and government at the University of Texas at Austin for his bachelors and studied architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design for his masters. Today, he lives in De Kalb, TX where he headquarters Archfern, a multifaceted design firm with a focus on film, furniture, and architecture.

Trampas (Co-Director) is from a small town in East Texas where his mother ran a video store in the 1980s. Along with his siblings and friends, he began to make his own movies at the age of 8 with a Betamax camcorder. Finding the production cost much lower, he also wrote fiction from an early age, and will continue to do so for the rest of his life. He has taught literature and creative writing at the University of Wyoming and at Texas Tech University. Lately, he has enjoyed adapting one of his stories into a screenplay and making another short movie (the production cost notwithstanding) with his friend Allen, who was often his filmmaking partner as a child. He is blessed with three beautiful children and a foxy wife, Dani.