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Israel, 120 min., Hebrew and Yiddish (with English subtitles)
A dystopian drama starring some of Israel's top acting talent, Autonomies is a globally-relevant tale centering on the burning issues of identity, religion, politics and personal freedom. The story is set in an alternate reality of present day Israel, a nation torn and divided by a wall into the secular "State of Israel", with Tel Aviv as its capital, and the "Haredi Autonomy" in Jerusalem, run by an ultra-Orthodox religious group. Living in the Autonomy, amongst this uneasy territorial status quo, is Broide, a Haredi wheeler-dealer who makes his living smuggling minor contraband between the two regions. One day he receives a life-changing job offer: he is asked to kidnap a little girl at the heart of a custody battle between two families - one Haredi and one secular - and smuggle her across the border between the two territories. This "Solomon's Trial" of a legal saga, followed by the kidnapping of the child, fuels a dramatic uproar that threatens to tear a fragile country to pieces. Meanwhile, an impossible love story develops between Broide and Anna, a musician from the opposite side of the wall. Dramatically strong and thematic, their ill-advised love affair symbolically unites a divided nation, if only for a moment in Anna's bed. With Israel once again aflame and civil war closer than ever, a great longing for home arises from among the fragments, walls and tears.
Yehonatan Indursky
Assi Cohen, Daniella Kertesz, Shuli Rand, Tali Sharon, Dana Ivgy, Yaakov Zada Daniel, Rotem Sela

Yehonatan Indursky
Yehonatan Indursky יהונתן אינדורסקי was born in Jerusalem to ultra-Orthodox family and studied at the Ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva Ponevezh in Bnei Brak, Israel, [3] and later at the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School, Jerusalem, Israel. Filmography A writer and director of multiple films and television series (such as Shtisel, which won 11 awards from the Israeli Academy of Television including Best Screenplay).
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