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90 min.
Ken Harrison was an influential filmmaker who lived and worked in Dallas.  He has the rare ability to be a poetic screenwriter, and director of both classic works and fiction of contemporary stories, and a documentarian, who captured are and culture in this area. He was a poet it cinema and a mensch in life. He was born in East Texas and moved to Dallas with his wife Nancy to get work as a film editor. He was hired to work in Newsroom the legendary news program on KERA TV where he produces directed and edited. He then made long-form works for PBS and later made fiction films. The tribute will contain snippets from many of his diverse works including, Jakalope, some work from Newsroom, American Masters: Kathrine Anne Porter, Last of the Caddos, Hanna and the Dog Ghost and even a snippet of the TV show Wishbone. Thanks so much To Blaine Dunlap and Bert Guthrie for helping with clips. Many people who knew and worked with Ken will be there to share their memories and talk about how Ken had influenced their life.