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Breaking Down the Binary
For LGBTQIA viewers, TV has long been a medium of binaries -- gay or straight; male or female; cisgender or transgender -- but the past few years have seen a swell of characters who aren’t so easily defined. From teen soaps, to cable dramedies, the spectrum of visibility has grown to include bisexual+ and non-binary characters who are more in tune with the viewers they represent, and less the product of tropes and stereotypes. Hear from the creators & creatives behind these series as they discuss what this visibility means for LGBTQIA audiences, and why breaking down the binary is an essential part of moving representation forward.
Jim (Hank Azaria) goes on a bender with his new nihilistic friend, Elle (guest star Carrie Preston), who pushes him towards a new level of destruction. Charles (Tyrel Jackson Williams) approaches Jim with a new opportunity.
The Casting Process: Both Sides presented by CSA
What conditions set the stage for a break-out performance, or the perfect ensemble? In some cases, it may be a spark - or familiarity - between performer and casting director, each experiencing the casting process from two different points of view, with the same goal in mind: to bring a character to life. In this conversation, we look at the art of casting from both perspectives, as renowned casting directors and their actors come together to discuss what, exactly, makes someone right for the role -- and how to know "it" when you see it.
Castle Rock presented by Hulu
Hulu presents a first look at footage from the highly-anticipated upcoming psychological horror series set in the Stephen King universe, followed by a panel discussion with series creators and showrunners Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason.
Season 2 Premiere. Desna (Niecy Nash) and the girls struggle to keep their hope alive while still working under the thumb of the new Russian regime, spearheaded by Riva. A blissful Desna remains in the dark about her gangster/gyno boyfriend, Ruval (Jimmy Jean-Louis). Virginia (Karrueche Tran) tells Dean (Harold Perrineau) that she’s pregnant with his baby. A newly domesticated Polly (Carrie Preston) is jubilant when tasked with being a madam for an all-male dance troupe. Meanwhile, a depressed Uncle Daddy (Dean Norris), still reeling from the loss of his beloved Juanda, has been stripped of his Dixie Mafia kingdom and is forced to do menial jobs for the Russians. The power dynamic shifts once again when Riva’s sister, Zlata (Franka Potente), arrives to change the game.